ZipRecruiter IPO: When Is ZipRecruiter Going Public? What Is the ZIP Stock Price Range?

As per previous announcements, the highly anticipated ZipRecruiter IPO is creating a lot of buzz in the market. Indeed, this deal is likely to be a focal point for investors this week. Amid rather volatile starts to other IPOs of late, this offering is likely to generate a lot of attention…

ZipRecruiter is set to be the latest in a string of direct listings. Direct listings provide net proceeds from the sale of existing stock. Unlike traditional IPOs where new shares are issued, investors don’t get diluted from a direct listing.

Additionally, this listing process tends to be faster and involve less in the way of fees. In addition to SPACs, direct listings have become a more commonplace listing vehicle.

Given the amount of investor interest around ZipRecruiter’s upcoming IPO, let’s dive into some of the details for interested investors.

What to Know About the Upcoming ZipRecruiter IPO

According to the company’s recent prospectus filing, ZipRecruiter is set to trade publicly on or about May 26.

ZipRecruiter’s online employment marketplace is one that has received more attention as a result of the pandemic. That said, the company did report a revenue drop of nearly 3% this past year, according to the its prospectus.

The company plans on listing up to 86.6 million shares of Class A common stock. This stock is expected to be issued at $25.04 per share. Additionally, ZipRecruiter is…

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