Why CF Acquisition Corp. VI Stock Popped 29% Today

Shares of special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) CF Acquisition Corp. VI (CFVI) had surged 29.2% as of 1:10 p.m. ET Monday, after the company that this SPAC plans to merge with and take public…

Rumble, made a public bid to get Joe Rogan to leave Spotify Technology for Rumble.

If you’re not familiar with Rumble, check out this quick primer from my colleague Rich Duprey, who explains how Rumble aims to become a platform for artists who’ve been “canceled” on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

So what

Done reading now? Great. Here’s what Rumble is up to today — and why it’s causing CF Acquisition Corp. VI shares to surge:

In post on Twitter (which I realize is kind of counterintuitive), the Twitter alternative addressed podcast star Joe Rogan directly this morning, and offered Rogan $100 million, paid over four years, to leave Spotify and become Rumble’s biggest draw.

Sweetening the offer, Rumble promised Rogan that he would suffer “no censorship” on Rumble, that “all” Rogan’s shows would be streamable on Rumble (at last report, Engadget had discovered some 100 The Joe Rogan Experience episodes purged from Spotify’s archives), and finally promised that this offer is “totally legit” — and not just, for example, a PR ploy to draw attention to the upcoming Rumble IPO.

Now what

For Rogan, this sounds like a pretty sweet deal. On the one hand, he now has the option of walking away from Spotify and losing no money if he jumps to Rumble. On the other hand, I suspect by this point he’s kind of hoping that Spotify will fire him, allowing him to take the balance of the $100 million owed on his Spotify contract (signed last year), and also take a second $100 million from Rumble.

Similarly, this kind of looks like a no-lose situation for Rumble, and for CF Acquisition Corp. VI. Heads, Rogan takes them up on their…


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