Uber and Lyft have a new ride-hailing rival in Myle

Uber and Lyft have transformed how so many of us snag a ride, but when it comes to newcomer Myle, the latest ride-hailing service thinks it’s even closer to perfecting the mobility formula — all in the name of saving riders money.

Myle launches this week exclusively in New York, the startup said in a Wednesday announcement…

Truly, this is meant to be the best ride-hailing service for New Yorkers, with operations in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx and Staten Island. The firm’s founder and CEO, Aleksey Medvedovskiy, spent 20 years as part of the taxi industry and touts this new company as the better solution for locals.

Myle’s claim to fame is the promise of zero hidden fees and absolutely no surge pricing.

Surge pricing can turn a relatively affordable ride into something far more expensive when it comes time to hail an Uber or Lyft, but Myle said transparent prices will help the startup establish itself as a proper alternative to the two other firms. In addition to no surge pricing, there’s also no cancellation fee until the driver is parked in front of the pick-up location.

While surge pricing isn’t kind to a rider’s wallet, the system does help Uber and Lyft drivers earn a little extra cash for working during peak times. So, what incentive does a driver have to work for Myle? The company told Roadshow drivers are paid weekly and the commission Myle charges is less than Uber or Lyft. Thus, drivers should keep more of a fare in their own pockets.

“The biggest and the best bonus for the driver is when there is constant flow of work without huge gaps between the jobs,” a company representative said. Myle certainly expects its drivers to stay busy, all while undercutting rivals’ fares by an average of 10%.

Speaking of drivers, the startup told us it has over 5,000 drivers signed up and ready to carry out ride-hailing duties for Myle.

Myle is available for…

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