Top 10 Best IPOs to look out for in 2022

The number of Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) increased dramatically in 2021. Experts predict that increased uncertainty will persist for entities seeking to list on Exchanges this year, but that this will not necessarily reduce the fast pace at which companies are…

coming public—for better or worse.

According to EY’s annual global IPO report, there were 2,388 transactions last year, up 64% from 2020, raising more than $453 billion in Assets. There were 416 listings in the United States alone.

The prospect of a firm going public is enticing. You may make it big with the next Amazon (AMZN) or Tesla (TSLA) if you buy the proper stock at the time it launches and hang on to the shares .

According to Pitchbook Venture Analyst Cameron Stanfill, a “unicorn phenomenon” that has ushered in large funding rounds for companies over the past decade is “finally blowing up” and showing itself in a record surge of IPO activity. He believes the trend of buzzy billion-dollar companies nabbing sky-high public market values will continue in 2022, thanks in part to the trillions of dollars spent on startups over the last decade.

According to Ernst & Young, a total of 2,388 companies raised $453 billion by going public in 2021, the largest annual transaction volume ever. Deal volume in the United States set new highs, with almost 1,100 entities going public and raising about $260 billion. Coinbase, an online cryptocurrency Exchange, and Rivian, a Tesla competitor, were included in the companies that captivated investors and fueled a record-breaking surge of Initial Public Offerings and direct listings.

TPG, a Private Equity company, Instacart, a food delivery business, and Reddit, a meme-Stock supplier, are among the companies aiming to go public in 2022. Stanfill believes that the number of agreements will most probably reach a new high in 2022, but he is sceptical about the growth in deal value.

“That’s difficult to forecast,” he says, noting the uncertainties surrounding “outlier-style” megadeals like Coinbase and Roblox, which opted for a direct listing in March after delaying a trading debut in 2020 due to fears of exuberant post-IPO price surges. Stripe, the country’s most valuable startup, valued at almost $100 billion, might help set a new IPO record if it ultimately goes public.

These ten prospective Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) might potentially provide similarly high amounts of gain. However, there is one major caveat: There are innumerable new public entities for every Apple (AAPL) that end up losing a lot of money for their stockholders. Over 60% of newly public entities had negative returns after five years between 1975 and 2011.

If you decide to invest in IPOs, make sure you only put a tiny portion of your portfolio into them. This rule applies to any stock you want to buy: Experts advise against investing large amounts of…


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