Is NexGel Inc. IPO (NXGL) a Good Investment?

After what appeared to be an encouraging lull in the COVID-19 pandemic, a new mutation again sent jitters among international policymakers, imposing yet another dark cloud on global investment indices. Recently…

Benzinga reported that the rapid spread of the omicron variant forced organizers for the annual World Economic Forum to reschedule the event.

Still, investors have reasonable assurances that, at some point, the crisis will fade away, either through mass immunization initiatives or acclimatization to a potentially endemic situation similar to seasonal influenza. Thanks to the rapid deployment of advanced vaccines developed through a clinical provenance that extends for decades, modern society has never been more able to respond to widespread health threats.

Increasingly, then, the opportunity in the broader health-and-beauty space revolves around companies that can address ongoing or acute concerns not directly associated with the SARS-CoV-2 virus. For instance, mitigation products for sports-related wounds should rise in the years ahead as activity levels for both children and adults resume a normal trajectory.

Additionally, the beauty segment should rebound, with retail revenge from a year in quarantine inspiring consumers to reclaim their daily routines. As well, a possible return to the office promotes beauty care products, which is a positive sign for hydrogel specialist NexGel Inc.

When Is the NexGel IPO Date?

While the benchmark equity indices have recently printed charts that are more representative of seismic activity than typical trading sentiment, one subsegment continues to rapidly rotate the turnstiles: new market offerings. Prior to the pandemic, the initial public offering (IPO), or the first time a private company distributes its equity shares to the public, epitomized a high-risk venture.

Today, due to the sharp rise of meme stocks and cryptocurrencies, retail investors seemingly don’t blink an eye regarding hazardous market ideas — as long as the reward potential is likewise elevated. In that respect, traders who have funds earmarked for speculation may want to consider a…


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