IPO Update: Early August Edition

After a busy year, today’s technology and venture-backed technology IPO pipeline is light. But while the present-day pipeline of public IPOs is low there are a few big offerings that are expected to land shortly. So let’s examine both…

Upcoming, Expected

The upcoming IPO pipeline (Crunchbase News tracks tech and venture-backed offerings on U.S. exchanges, including companies headquartered in other countries who choose to float here) contains a single, known offering. It’s WiMi Hologram Cloud, a China-based company that is expected to raise around $34 million in its debut.

And that’s where the expected roll ends. It’s a short list. You can pick a reason why, but what matters is that the unicorn IPO run has come to a pause. So, let’s look at who is supposed to get out soon.

Big Names

There are two large, expected tech and venture-backed IPOs coming later this year that we have have our eye on, those belonging to WeWork and Cloudflare.

WeWork is expected to go public in September. The company is fitting a number of pieces together for its debut. First, it’s raising debt to avoid an oversized IPO. Why is it raising debt before it goes public? As WeWork consumes cash to operate, it needs to raise capital in its public offering. Raising debt before is a way to limit future equity dilution.

As we’ve mentioned on these pages quite often, WeWork’s rich valuation may prove difficult to defend when it goes public. The company will stress its growth (fast!), its growing stable of software tools (neat!), and the economics of its buildings once occupied (supposedly good!). Against it are public-market comps that are priced very differently, and staggering losses.

Not since Uber have we looked forward to an S-1 more.

Cloudflare is a simpler beast. Back in the news over its decision to end digital protection for the odious 8chan, Cloudflare is a critical part of how the Internet works. Therefore, its numbers will also be incredibly interesting. Cloudflare most recently raised $150 million at a $3.1 billion pre-money valuation, meaning that its public offering will be sizeable.

The latest regarding Cloudflare’s offering is that it filed privately this summer, and will float in September (credit to BusinessInsider for breaking the news). This IPO won’t make the same splash as WeWork’s own, but I am stoked at the prospect of checking out the company’s gross margins.

And that’s where the list of expected, major offerings ends this morning.

There are other, anticipated offerings, but it’s a somewhat soggy list. Here are some companies long expected to go public, and why we don’t anticipate incipient S-1s…

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