How To Find The First Buy Point In IPO Stocks

IPO stocks provide a tremendous amount of growth potential. Typically, they are new companies with dynamic products that are transforming their industry and perhaps the world. But…

don’t just buy an IPO stock at any time. Wait for an initial base formation to offer the first proper chance to buy.

What Is An IPO Stock?

An initial public offering, or an IPO, is a company’s first offering of stock to the public. Until a company goes public, most individual investors are unable to invest in the company. But once the stock is trading on a stock exchange — like the New York Stock Exchange or Nasdaq — any investor can purchase shares.

A company “goes public” for a number of reasons, but primarily to raise capital to expand and grow operations. If the company’s plans are successful, the stock price should rise, rewarding early stock investors.

An IPO can also be an opportunity for venture capitalists and other early investors to cash out and take profits.

How To Trade IPO Stocks

When a stock goes public, the first day of trading usually is very volatile. With no trading history or prior stock quotes, no one can really be sure of a fair market-based price for the stock. Investors should be patient and wait at least several weeks for a base to develop.

ZIM Integ Shipping Svcs (ZIM)

An IPO base can only occur in the immediate aftermath of a stock’s debut. For example, Google (now Alphabet (GOOGL)) went public on Aug. 19, 2004, consolidated sideways for three weeks and then blasted higher on Sept. 16 above a 113.58 buy point. Just one year later, the stock was over 177% higher. The IPO base can be as short as seven days in length.

Successful IPO Stocks: Zim Integrated Shipping

Recent successful IPOs include Zim Integrated Shipping (ZIM). The Israel-based container-freight operator has benefited from global supply-chain issues, which sent shipping costs surging.

The company debuted on Jan. 28, 2021 with an IPO price of 15 (1) and traded below that price in the first day of trading and a few days later. After a three-week rally, shares corrected around 17% over the course of about two weeks, creating an IPO base (2) and showing the new issue’s first correct buy point.

On March 11, 2021, the stock broke out past an IPO base’s 22.68 buy point, surging more than 14% in heavy volume (3). Shares quickly triggered the eight-week hold rule. From there, the stock would go on to hit a special dividend-adjusted price of 78.95 on March 23 of this year.

How To Find IPO Stock Ideas

Like with other stocks, look for companies with superior fundamentals. Keep in mind that some well-performing IPO stocks sometimes have not reached profitability, but revenue growth is excellent. Newer companies with outstanding characteristics can be found in the IBD IPO Leaders screen. It has special screening criteria to find up-and-coming stocks.

With the stock market now in a correction, there are only a handful of IPO stocks to watch…

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