Here’s how the red-hot IPO market can continue to burn bright

Wall Street has IPO fever.

Sixty-six companies have gone public so far this year, including major winners Beyond Meat, Zoom and Crowdstrike, and seven others are set for their own floats this week. Surging market debuts have also more than doubled the performance of the Renaissance IPO ETF this year.

Kathleen Smith, Renaissance Capital principal and the brain behind the IPO ETF, says…

healthy demand for these upstarts should keep the market red-hot this year.

“The important theme here is called growth, and investors are looking for growth companies in a slow-growing economy,” Smith said on CNBC’s “ETF Edge ” on Monday. “A lot of their valuation is based upon future earnings, and the discount on future earnings gives a higher present value with lower interest rates. So, we are in a very positive environment for growth equities, which are a large part of the types of equities in the Renaissance IPO ETF.”

The IPO ETF holds recent U.S.-listed stocks within three months of their debut and sells after two years. Its top holdings include Stitch FixDropbox and DocuSign, among a basket of others. Those three stocks trade at relatively high multiples, DocuSign by as much as 197 times forward earnings. However, each has outperformed the market as investors show a willingness to pay higher valuations for expected future growth.

Their future performance is contingent on whether they can deliver on those high expectations, says Smith…

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