Beyond Meat isn’t the only IPO stock taking off – traders pick their favorites

Beyond Meat has found another bull on Wall Street with BTIG initiating a buy rating, even after the stock’s massive run since the March lows.

It’s not the only young public company that has made big moves this year…

Zoom VideoChewy and Peloton are enjoying big gains in 2020. Zoom, the best performer, now has a larger market cap than 75% of the S&P 500.

“I absolutely love these stocks,” Danielle Shay, director of options at Simpler Trading, told CNBC’s “Trading Nation” on Tuesday. “They’re young, they’re new, they’re hot IPOs, and these are companies that have been thriving in the age of Covid-19. It’s basically perfect for an options trader like myself because they’re volatile and they have these big moves, and they have high short interest.”

Shay looks for stocks with high short interest such as these to take advantage of any short squeezes — when a stock spikes as the high number of short traders look to cover their positions.

“Basically I look for a spot where short sellers will feel pain (typically on earnings or right near a previous or all-time high) then I buy options to trade the long move as the short sellers cover,” Shay added in an email to CNBC.

Bill Baruch, president of Blue Line Capital, would not jump in here after such a steep run-up in these names, although he would buy a few of these stocks in case of weakness.

“There’s three names that are on my shopping list — Peloton, now their subscription service has really started to take off in this work-from-home [environment], it’s not just a bike. But I think that we’ve seen a breakout that’s basically here to stay above a budding floor,” Baruch said during the same segment.

Baruch sees a level of support in the exercise company at $36 to $38 based on Fibonacci retracement, a technical tool that highlights bands of resistance and support from pullbacks. Peloton is trading at $45. Similarly, he would buy Chewy at $38 based on its retracement levels — it trades at $40.

“Another one that I’m looking at is Wingstop,” said Baruch. “It’s one that has been around for a little bit longer, but over the past couple years they have really changed their business model to take advantage of technology and it’s thriving during this time. This stock has almost tripled through March lows.”

Baruch says he’d consider…

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