Atlis Motor Vehicles To List On Nasdaq

Atlis Motor Vehicles (ATLIS), a mobility technology company, announced plans to submit an S-1 format Form 1-A and Nasdaq Global Market application in anticipation of a…

public listing on the stock market. The ticker symbol “AMV” has been reserved by ATLIS on Nasdaq.

Upon public listing, anticipated to occur this summer, retail investors can trade shares of ATLIS on NASDAQ as the company develops technology to further encourage and enable the mass adoption of electric vehicles. ATLIS is developing an electric work truck, along with the batteries and motors to drive it. Based on the premise that current electric vehicles don’t have the true capability to compete in the work truck market, the company is developing an electric truck for individuals and fleet owners who work in the agriculture, service, utility, and construction industries.

To meet the towing and payload capabilities of legacy diesel-powered vehicles, ATLIS also is developing proprietary battery technology, electric motors, and a modular system architecture to create a high capacity, high output, fast-charging work truck to meet customer needs.

“From inception, we’ve had an unwavering commitment to…

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