6 Key Numbers From Pinterest’s IPO Filing

Pinterest, the social networking company that popularized virtual pinboards, recently released the prospectus for its upcoming IPO. The company, which was valued at $12.3 billion after its last funding round, plans to debut on the NYSE under the ticker “PINS” in April. Let’s take a look at the six key numbers from Pinterest’s filing.

1. 265 million MAUs

Pinterest’s monthly active users (MAUs) rose 6% sequentially and 23% annually to 265 million during the fourth quarter. For comparison, Twitter‘s (NYSE:TWTR) MAUs dipped 2% sequentially to 321 million in its latest quarter, as Facebook‘s (NASDAQ:FB) MAUs rose 2% sequentially to 2.32 billion.

Pinterest is growing at a faster rate than those bigger platforms, but it doesn’t necessarily compete against them. Unlike Twitter, where users share and react to news, or Facebook, where users share content with friends and family, Pinterest enables users to pin things and ideas (like outfits, recipes, and products) that they like.

2. $755.9 million in revenue

Pinterest monetizes its users through ads, which are naturally pinned across a user’s feed. Pinterest revenue rose 58% annually to $273 million during that quarter, and 60% to $755.9 million for the full year.

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