5 Companies That May Go Public In 2020

After a handful of initial public offerings in 2019 garnered historical results for stock market investors, faith in IPO investments have been restored. Investing in IPO’s is still considered fairly high risk (over investing in a more established stock like Apple or Alphabet—the latter of which is almost too high). But the often cheap shares in some of the hottest companies today means that young investors are able to break into the stock trade without risking too much.

Below are five companies that plan to go public in 2020 that we’re keeping an eye on…

  1. Airbnb

    AirbnbAirbnb, the short-term rental company that has disrupted the hotel and travel industries in recent years, plans to file its IPO sometime in the near future. But with scandals and controversies highlighting issues with the company’s model—which depends on loose renter laws and regulations in order to survive. Most recently, the company revealed to be at the center of a scandal wherein Airbnb hosts were able to scam users out of money by creating fake listings in a handful of cities.

  2. Postmates

    PostmatesUber and Lyft, two rideshare companies that have changed transportation in the last decade, have failed to profit after listing their IPO’s earlier this year. Postmates took this as a warning sign and held off on listing its IPO in 2019 to make sure it’s ready once it does. The company officially delayed its IPO earlier this year, but many are hoping that the reluctance to go public is a sign that Postmates will be responsible.

  3. Robinhood

    RobinhoodRobinhood, the millennial-focused investing app, has become one of the most popular stock market trading platforms in the last couple of years. The app, which focuses on teaching millennials how to make smart investment decisions, has amped up its subscription-based features in the last year in effort to raise more money before going public.

    On the surface, what company would be a better investment decision than one that’s sole service is to cater to the stock market? Unfortunately, the company has yet to turn a profit, and some of its features have earned the company criticism from financial regulators in the United States…

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