3 Hot IPO Stocks to Buy in January

More companies had their initial public offerings (IPOs) on the U.S. stock market last year than any other in history, and a staggering number with recent market debuts posted fantastic gains out of the gate and in subsequent trading. IPO stocks have been incredibly hot of late…

While investors may want to exercise some general caution amid the IPO fervor, there are promising stocks in the recent IPO class that will likely go on to deliver strong performances over the long term. Read on to get the rundown on three top IPO stocks to buy early in 2021.

1. Unity Software

Unity Software (NYSE:U) is a company that had its initial public offering in September and is best known for its video game development tools. As a visual development language and interface, Unity offers software developers a streamlined and simplified way to create visually focused programs.

With a market cap of roughly $39 billion, valuing the company at about 41 times this year’s expected sales, it’s not unfair to question whether Unity’s stock has climbed too fast for a simple video game engine provider. On the other hand, the company has other avenues to big growth.

There’s a good chance that Unity’s services will see adoption outside of the video game space. To put that potential in perspective, it’s helpful to look at what NVIDIA has been able to accomplish.

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